Laura's mug shot

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by. I hope my work brings some light into your day. I’m always looking for fun and meaningful ways to collaborate, so please get in touch if you want to play.

My bio:

After completing her MA in postcolonial studies and creative writing (University of Alberta 2000), Laura apprenticed with photographer Trina Koster. She has studied with documentary masters, including Chris Rainier and Ernesto Bazan. She lives in Guelph, Ontario, with her husband, Andrew McAleese and their amazing son, Brendan make-a-mess McAleese.


Laura’s photography work has appeared in books, including The Cottage Bible (co-author Gerry Mackie, Boston Mills Press 2006), and magazines, including Oprah Magazine. To view her commercial work, please visit www.trinakoster.com.


Laura’s writing credits include two books: the literary memoir, A Taste for Paprika (Penguin 2004); and the popular science guide book/manual for life at the lake, The Cottage Bible (co-author Dr. Gerry Mackie).


For the Métis Nation of Ontario: Southern Ontario Traditional Plant Use Study 2010